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I started using Orange Cryotherapy in Conshohocken February of 2017. I was referred by a friend, who knew I was still active (playing hockey, working out etc) at this stage of my life (59 years old). I looked into it and decided it may help in recovery time after playing sports. I signed up and started going 2-3 times a week.

I did not even think about the arthritis in my left knee that was getting worse over time (originally injured 6-7 years ago).

What happened was that by the end of my first month of treatments the inflammation (arthritis) discomfort in my knee was gone! Completely. I had been taking Advil at least twice a day to control it but I have completely stopped taking Advil as the inflammation is gone. Even after playing hockey it does not have any discomfort!

I am now down to 2 treatments a week and eventually hope to get it down to 1 per week and still have the same results.

Tim Mabey

I absolutely love Conshohocken’s Cryotheraphy! I had pain in my hips, knees and lower back so intense I couldn’t move. After trying Cryotheraphy I was able to have some quality of life and get my mobility back.

Kathy Wilkins

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