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OUR MISSION is to assist our clients in gaining access to one of the most  revolutionary health promoting technologies available today. In each of our franchise and affiliate wellness centers, knowledgeable and friendly team  members guide clients every step of the way.

OUR VISION is to set a new standard for health and wellness in the United States through our expertise, training and customer satisfaction. We hope that once clients experience the  incredible benefits of cryotherapy at Orange Cryo Wellness, they understand why we are so passionate about making it available to new markets with locally owned centers across the United States

Customers see cryotherapy services as a routine, ongoing and necessary wellness treatment.  thus creating an exponential customer base with high return rates.

Cryotherapy is recognized as one of the fastest growing segments within in the health and wellness industry, valued at 2.5 billion in 2015,  and is forecasted to reach 5.6 billion by 2024.  With benefits including recovery, anti-aging and overall wellness , it is easy to see why the demand for cryotherapy is growing exponentially.

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