Cryotherapy Benefits

Orange Cryo Provides a Unique Healing Experience

The premier whole body cryotherapy experience at the lowest price, so people of all budgets can experience the health benefits.

We are proud to provide the best-in-class devices for Whole Body Cryo Therapy, a noninvasive treatment involving cryogenic temperatures.

WBC was first invented in Japan, in 1978, by Dr. Yamaguchi to reduce pain and inflammation in his rheumatoid arthritis patients. In the subsequent two decades, the technology was further developed in Europe while more and more medical research supported far greater than previously thought healing impact of the treatment on our endocrine, immune and nervous systems.

Stepping into an open-topped cryosauna, for no longer than 3 minutes, your body is briefly exposed with extremely cold air, with temperatures as low as -256 F.

Tony Robbins says Whole Body Cryotherapy is the best technology for getting rid of inflammation in your body, which is the root cause whenever something goes wrong inside your body, leading to illnesses and ailments.


Cryotherapy Wellness BenefitsExposure of the human body to cryogenic temperatures have been fully documented and results in many favorable physiological phenomena such as…

  • Overall improvement in well-being (relaxation, physical relaxation)
  • Analgesic effect
  • Neuromuscular effects (increase of muscle strength)
  • Profuse flow of blood
  • Increased systematic immunity
  • Increase in serum beta endorphins, noradrenaline, adrenaline, testosterone (especially in men)
  • Antinflammatory and antioxidative effect of cryostimulation

After one treatment at Orange Cryo, you will experience immediate pain relief and reduction in muscle spasticity that lasts several hours – the ideal time span for conducting physical therapy and manual treatments.

Pain Therapy

Whole body cryotherapy helps to erase the hypersensitivity pain memory formed in patients suffering chronic pain. This substantial pain mitigation results in reduction of analgesic use and significant improvement in quality of life. Inflammatory processes are inhibited and mobility is improved. These lead to successful utilization of Cryotherapy – whole body Cryotherapy, particularly those with:

  • Inflammatory musculoskeletal disease: rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatic fever.
  • Degenerative diseases and secondary degenerative changes in peripheral joints and the spine.
  • Joint disease of metabolic origin such as gout.
  • Mixed connective tissue disease
  • Rheumatic and soft tissue disorders
  • Periarticular, tendon and joint capsule inflammation
  • Some skin diseases involving joints: psoriatic arthritis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Post-traumatic changes or overload of joints and soft tissues
  • Chronic inflammation of the cervical spine
  • Discopathies
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscle overload
  • Neurological disorders
  • Depression syndromes, vegetative neurosis


Jalen Mills of the Philadelphia Eagles at Orange Cryo Wellness

Whole body cryotherapy has been used as a rehabilitation tool by leading medical centers, health spas and Olympic centers in Europe.

In the U.S., whole body cryotherapy has been used by celebrities and professional athletes, including NBA and NFL members. The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, used mobile cryosauna at the 2012 London Olympic games for relief from a back injury. Olympic coach and marathon champion, Alberto Salazar, used whole body cryotherapy while coaching Olympic medalists Galen Rupp and Mo Farah at Nike’s Oregon training facility. Cristiano Ronaldo, “hooked” on the treatment, decided to install his own private chamber.

Improvement of Athletic Performance

The performance enhancing effects of whole body cryotherapy has been scientifically demonstrated. Its use in performance sports increase stamina while reducing the heart rate. Motor unit activation has also been shown. Mental stimulation in preparation for performance is as important. These benefits may be used successfully across the entire spectrum of sports from fitness maintenance to high performance athletics.

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