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At Orange Cryo Wellness, our mission is to assist you in gaining access to one of the most revolutionary health promoting technologies available today. Our knowledgeable, friendly team will guide you every step of the way. Once you experience the incredible benefits of cryotherapy, you’ll understand why we are so passionate about making it available to people like you.

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Weight Loss

Cryotherapy is known to help patients lose weight after only a three minute session. Cryotherapy can help the body burn additional calories over a period of 24 hours, depending on each individual patient.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Reduce Inflammation

We all know ice, when applied to inflammation, can reduce the swelling. A Cryotherapy session can rapidly increase the speed at which the inflammation decreases and restore injuries quicker than normal ice packs.

Recover & Rejuvenate

Recovery can be accelerated after only one three minute session at Orange Cryo Wellness. Cryotherapy relaxes the muscles, allowing for more blood flow and quicker healing of damaged joints and bone aches.

Recover and Rejuvinate
Weight Loss

Improves Performance

In the same way the Cryotherapy helps you recover faster, it can also increase performance in athletics as well in everyday personal life. Take a three minute treatment and see the impact on your everyday physical activities.

Pain Relief

Cryotherapy is a well-known treatment for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. If it can help in such severe cases, it can also help when battling the every day aches and pains that occur through out our lives.

Pain Relief
Weight Loss


Cooling therapies have long been used to reduce the signs of aging. By increasing blood circulation, it will tighten and deliver a healthy glow to your skin, returning you to your young, healthy self.

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